Where Did Manifesting Come From? (Hinduism Or Christianity?)

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Manifesting helps us achieve our utmost desires. But, where did manifesting come from?

The origins of the manifesting are believed to have come from Hinduism. In the ancient Indian traditions, the concept of the universe being created according to one’s thoughts dates back to at least the 2nd Century BC. The Hindu Vedas are believed to have the oldest references to manifesting practices.

Let’s now try to understand if Hinduism gave birth to manifesting or if it originated from Christianity or some other religion.

Did Manifesting Come From Hinduism?

Many people believe that the law of attraction was brought to the west by Hinduism, and they are right.

If you look at the many different religions, the words manifest and manifestation are used in all of them as well as the aspects of how to manifest. This leads us to believe that manifesting must have come from Hinduism.

There are many different introductions to Hinduism, but they all have the same thing in common; they all start with “The Vedas.” The Vedas consists of four collections of texts: 

  • The Rig Veda: It is the early text believed to be more than four thousand years old. It is also known as The Knowledge or Wisdom Veda.
  • The Yajur Veda: It is believed to be between five and four thousand years old (sixth or seventh century BC) and composed by Yajurveda. It contains the instructions of priests who performed sacrifices, and it was associated with daily practice.
  • The Sama Veda: This is a collection of songs. Considered the essence of the Vedas, it is composed of verses taken from The Rig Veda without alteration. It was written at a later date but believed to be older than The Yajur Veda.
  • The Atharva Veda: It is also known as The Book of Protection. It’s believed to have been composed as a collection during the four centuries between 1500 BC and 1000 BC. It contains hymns on charms and spells to be used in curing diseases and battle injuries. It also contains a collection of mantras.

After looking at the introduction to Hinduism, let’s look at the word manifest in Hinduism.

If you notice, there is a similar concept to manifesting called Yoga Nidra that involves visualization, which is exactly like the definition of manifesting.

Yoga Nidra is described as “A state of consciousness in which one’s awareness of different levels of existence is considerably enhanced.” This is similar because it has someone being aware and visualizing an outcome but not necessarily wishing for it.

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Did Manifesting Come From Hinduism Or Buddhism?

Both Hinduism and Buddhism believe that the world is created according to wishes. However, many say that the belief of manifesting in Hinduism is much older than the belief of manifesting in Buddhism.

According to Brian Fionda in his book ”The World’s 100 Greatest Philosophies” – “Manifestation is a very ancient idea even though its origins are lost in time.” This kind of means that manifesting could very well have come from Hinduism because it was a religion thousands of years before Buddha or Jesus Christ came to Earth. So many people believe that manifesting probably came from Hinduism and not Buddhism or Christianity.

We can also notice that in the Bhagavad Gita (S. 2. 17-21), a key text of Hinduism, Lord Krishna talks about his father’s dream in which God is creating the universe.

According to Brian Fionda, “He imitates what he witnesses with the tone and gestures of a contemporary Indian storyteller.” This means that manifesting could have most certainly originated from the same religion as preached by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Mentions Of Manifesting In Christianity

Since manifesting is called the “law of attraction,” many believe that it must have come from Christianity. The first use of manifest was in the 13th Century BC. Abraham in Genesis clearly tells the story about how he had a dream one night where an angel revealed to him that God was going to bless him with many children. He had a son and named him Isaac, but according to evolution, he thought, “I wish my wife Sarah was not childless.”

The next form of manifest came later when Jesus Christ came to Earth. The Bible mentions many times how Jesus healed people, raised the dead, and was able to do many wonderful things. This included casting out devils, healing people of leprosy or any other kind of sickness, and prophecy on behalf of his disciples.

Although these are many examples of manifesting in the Bible, we can’t know for sure whether or not it is Christian because there is no official confirmation of their religion in Jesus’ time.

This also implies that it may have originated from another religion, say Hinduism or Buddhism because those religions existed long before Christianity came to Earth. Yet these religions use the word manifest as well.

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Did Manifesting Come From Christianity?

With all this information in hand, we can look at many other references to manifesting throughout history. We can look at how manifesting is described in many different religions that have existed throughout history, such as Buddhism and Zoroastrianism.

According to Brian Fionda, “We cannot but think that Manifestation is a very ancient idea even though its origins are lost in time.” This means that manifesting probably came from Christianity because it is found in both the old and new testament of the Bible (which was the same religion as Jesus Christ).

According to Professor George Pratt, “Many researchers have accepted that manifestation has spiritual roots. We can notice a considerable amount of references in holy books, including Christian and Buddhist texts.

Scholars who study manifestation claim it’s possible that manifestation may have come into being through Hinduism or Buddhism as much as through Christianity.

We can also find other huge references to manifesting in the work of many great thinkers from thousands of years ago. This includes an ancient Chinese book called “The Mind Illuminated” by Lao Tzu, a dialogue between two old Chinese philosophers. It reads, “You are Heaven… You preside over the natural order. You are the gentleman of the highest rank… Your manifestation is wonderfully effective and complete.”

However, in conclusion, we can say that manifesting most certainly originates from Hinduism and not Christianity as it was first taught by Jesus Christ.