Can Manifesting Be Dangerous To You Or Others? Can It Backfire?

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We all like to manifest something or the other in our life. But, can manifesting be dangerous?

As long as you manifest only the good things in your life, there is no danger in manifesting anything. You should be creating only positive things for your life. The worst-case scenario is that your manifestations will fail or get delayed. However, this does not make manifestation dangerous.

Manifesting is not dangerous but can go wrong sometimes. You could end up creating problems for others than just yourself.

Can Manifesting Go Wrong Or Backfire?

Manifesting can go wrong if you do not know what you are doing. For example, if you manifest something for yourself but not for other people, then it may cause problems for others. If you manifest something for other people but not for yourself, then again, it may go wrong.

This can happen subconsciously in your mind and without you realizing it. We do not have to be consciously intelligent to make manifesting go wrong. 

The law of attraction says that like attracts like. What this means is that if you are having negative thoughts, then they will attract more negativity towards you.

So, if you are constantly thinking about all the things that are wrong with your life, they will manifest in your life. If you want to start attracting more positive things into your life, then think only of the good things in your life.

Another way manifesting can go wrong is that it can backfire (not the same as the above).

There are countless examples of people who manifested themselves into being a millionaire in order to show off to other people how successful they were but ended up losing the money.

Getting rich is another example of an outcome that may backfire because a person may use his money for unloving purposes or end up with more problems than he started with.

So, now the question is…

Is Manifesting Safe?

Yes, manifesting is safe when you act with good intentions and in your own best interest.

If you intend to act in another person’s best interest, then you are doing something good for that person. It is also important to be aware of your own best interests, and manifesting can help you realize what is truly good for you.

Manifesting can also bring positive changes in your life, but it cannot cause harm or do anything bad to you.

If what you desire is beneficial for you, then manifesting will not be a bad thing at all. It will only be a blessing in disguise.

However, if what you want to manifest is harmful to yourself or others, then manifesting can backfire and become unsafe for everyone involved.

Is There A Limit To Manifesting?

Yes, there definitely is a limit to manifestation. You can only manifest that, which you have enough points to manifest.

What are the points?

Points are units of energy.

You have 0 to 100 points of energy after birth, depending on your parent’s level of consciousness after birth.

You lose some points by negative actions that you commit, negative thoughts you think, emotions you feel, or actions you commit. You can also gain some points by positive actions, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The average person has about 25-30 points at different times in his/her life.

Every negative action subtracts one point from your total score, and every positive action adds a point to your score.

If the positive action is bigger than the previous negative action, then more than one point can be added at a time.

For example, if a person drinks alcohol on Monday but regrets what he/she did later and decides to not drink alcohol ever again. He/She then actually does not drink alcohol for a month as well as creates a plan for his/her abstinence. This adds 2 points to the person’s total score for the month.

There should always be a balance between what you want and what you need in your life. So, if there are too many things that you want, it is only reasonable to think that some of them will not come into your life, and this can cause problems for yourself and others.

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Can You Manifest Bad Things For Others?

Yes, you can manifest bad things for others out of selfish reasons. If you want something for yourself but not to benefit others, then manifesting can be dangerous for others. Many people manifest things (good and bad) with the intention of showing off what they have and what they can do to other people.

The thought of manifesting bad things for others is frightening. You might think that if you want it enough and expect it, it will happen. However, we are all One. What you send out, you get back tenfold.

This means that if you send out bad energy of any kind, such as anger or fear, it will come back to you ten times worse than what you sent out.

When the energies are amplified like this, there is nothing to protect us from manifesting something terrible for us and/or others who are connected to us in some way (this could be through relationships or through the people who are connected to the people we love).

If we do not protect ourselves from this type of harm, our lives could become miserable, and so could the lives of those around us.

There have been cases where people manifested horrific things and passed them on to someone else with whom they were connected in some way. The horrific thing manifested itself in a friend or relative of theirs because they had sent out the energy previously that caused it to come back to them in a more harmful form than before.

This is why you should always be careful about the outcome of your manifestation.

You should only try it if you are sure that your manifestation will have positive consequences for everyone involved. Otherwise, it may cause problems that may backfire and affect everyone involved (this is called karma).

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Here’s What You Should Always Remember…

You should always be aware of the effects of manifesting and also the dangers (backfiring) of manifesting. You should only try to manifest positive things in your life. If you want to try something, it is best to be very sure that it will have a positive outcome for yourself and others.

As long as you work with good intentions, there is no danger in manifesting anything at all.

You should only think about things that will benefit you and others around you and not about things that would harm or backfire on others.

Always remember this – “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.